Starting An Online Business From Scratch

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Starting An Online Business From Scratch is not as hard as it seems….



Let’s create a NEW starting an online business experiment.

Over the next few weeks me and you will be starting an online business based on advertising alone.

This is a FREE training to replicate the same business model use by……






All three rely on advertisers paying to put their ads in front of millions of people.

Why can’t we copy their model?


Can you get the attention of 1,000 people?

How about 10,000 people? 

How about 100,000?


Because the Internet has billions upon billions  ( cue in Carl Sagan ) of users, all you need is 1,000 of them to visit your site every week. ( Thats 142.85 visitors per day, I used a calculator )


By the end of this experiment we will try to replicate the same model that all the media channels use. we will be starting an online business from scratch. 


The end game is to give value to at least 1,000 people a week so they keep coming back to your Website and while they are there you can sell advertising space on your website.


Kinda like a billboard on the side of the road.

In this blog post I will create my website and choose a domain name.

The site must do 2 things.


1 – Provide some sort of value to the visitors….

2 – Keep them coming back for more….


Are you ready?

Are you excited?

I sure am!  Lets Begin!

Ok, to show you how simple the process is, I will buy my domain name from my iPhone lol

yeah….it really is that simple.


starting an online business


Go to google and search for


If you actually do a search you will get a domain name for…… .99 cents lol 

This is a ONE TIME offer so if you have already purchase a domain name from them, you don’t qualify…boo hoo


Butt (I’m a child) seriously  ….ONE DOLLAR for a domain name, you can probably count

on one hand the amount of things that you can get for a dollar.

Lets Continue…

starting an online business


Ok, so next i’m going to get a damn good domain name……


Look, I did say it was an experiment….. why not go all out! And of course is available…..i’m sure no one has ever even thought about buying that domain name.


starting an online business

For the price of a small coffee I got a silly domain name….

could I really build an business with it?

keep reading….maybe i’ll surprise you. ( I hope! ) ok, stop distracting me… let me finish!


starting an online business


Ok so the total comes to a whopping $1.17

I have no idea what the ICANN fees are but i’m assuming…its the government trying to get a piece of the action…… : /



starting an online business


Got my domain name!

ok, so i’m going to go check my email to get the confirmation link.

Stay put.



………..opens email…..


starting an online business


lol…I dont hate money Russell…..


If you don’t know who Russell Brunson is, he is the creator of Clickfunnels and one of the smartest entrepreneurs i follow.

and yes, I DO get google alerts about the universe….I’m a science Geek


Let me find that Godaddy email (sounds a little weird without the .com lol )

Here it is!

 starting an online business



yes, I also get Elephants alert...stop it with the judging!


Ok, so here is the email go (sounds better) sent me. Let me click MANAGE so i can set up my new

awesome domain with my hosting service.

If you don’t already have a hosting service I explain how to get one on HERE 

If you want to do the online business experiment with me, go get a hosting service.


You are more than welcome to be a lurker…. (weirdo)


Before I can post anything to my new awesome website I need to do 3 things


1 – Go to Goddady and link my domain name to my hosting service ( point domain to servers, in nerd terms )

2 – Set up the domain on my  hosting service (your hosting service is what I explained HERE )

3 – Install wordpress


They are all simple tasks…..don’t get scare now lol


i’m going to log in to my hosting service first to get the server address ( Godaddy will ask me for it )

Im going to go to

starting an online business

I’m going to log in

and get the server address

starting an online business

if you are using in motion, here is what Godaddy is going to ask you about.

ok, now i’m going to go to and link my domain to my

hosting service.

ok so thats enough for today.  we will continue our starting an online business experiment soon…

It’s like 1049pm and i’m getting a little hungry……

If you are bored, come visit me on Instagram! @evolutionimage 

I must warn you, you are either going to like me or really hate me so i’m giving you plenty of notice….

If you are the  closed minded type go check this out instead……HELLO THERE

PS….on the next blog post I’ll finish setting up my domain name and will have my first blog post on

what will it be about?

you have to come back and see!