Something About Me

We get at most 100 years to find those things that move us and make us happy. When you break down our lives to it's basic level you can explain it in one run-on sentence. "You get a limited amount of trips around the sun while stuck on a rocky planet while floating in space, spend most of your time doing things that make you happy." Below is a list of things that make me happy, find yours!







My Entrepreneur Journey

I was born in the Dominican Republic and moved to the USA in 1994 at the tender age of 12. Not being able to read or write english was a disadvantage but after a few years I had moved up to the top english classes in high school. After a couple of years in college taking up Graphic design I changed my major and gravitated towards digital film making and animation.

Evolution Image Photography Studios

Owner/Head Photographer

       In 2010 I started Evolution Image Photography Studios  after learning how much my best friend paid for his wedding photographer, $3,000!

I had a background on graphic design, computer animation and digital filmmaking so I took advantage of my skills and dedicated myself to wedding photography.

I listened to podcasts, watched you tube videos and helped top photographers in order to learn from them.

My first paid photo session was for $200 for a wedding I found through craigslist, the next year I photographed 15 weddings with the average cost at $1,800.

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2010 - Dec 2014
May 15

PhotoBrander iPhone App

App Developer - PhotoBrander

     After my failed marriage of 1 year ( yes, I know lol) I decided that I no longer had the same passion for  wedding photography and started looking into creating my own app.

Because of my wedding photography experience I noticed a small problem I had when trying to share my photos on social media in order to market my business. The easiest way to add logos to my photos was by using my computer and photoshop.

I created PhotoBrander to be able to add my professional logo to my images right from my iPhone. From concept to the app store took a total of 3 months, not bad for my first app experience and not having a clue how to program for the iPhone


How To Make Your Own Apps Website/E-book


    When I started searching how to create an app I could not find a step by step guide that would help me create my Photobrander app. For those who don’t have much experience coding it seems like is impossible to launch an app, I launched www.howtomakeyourownapps.com  a step by step guide describing how I got my app into the app store. In addition to the site I created a detail E-BOOK which is for sale on Amazon and advertised through the site.
ejunkie 3d-book-smart-object-Recovered

October 2015 -
December 2015

Universe Mugs


      My love for science and the universe led me to create UNIVERSE MUGS Color changing mugs that reveal an image of the universe when hot liquids such as coffee or tea are added.

I designed the mugs using my design background, took the product images utilizing my photography skills and posted them on AMAZON.COM for sale.

It was my first experience selling on Amazon but it won’t be my last! The future of retail lives in E-commerce. side view,warm black

10 Easy Daily Habits E-Book


Currently i’m working on an ebook to help people focus on living a happier life. The E-book focuses on 10 Daily Habits we can do to transform our lives, increase our happiness and our self esteem. I am a lover of self-education and in my opinion many people spend too much time being on unhappy because they don’t fully understand what makes them happy. I’m in the process of completing it within a month,  to download 3 free chapters click on the image below! Send any feedback or suggestions to darwin@darwinleonardo.com10 daily habits 3d

April 2016

Become An Entrepreneur

Follow each project and learn how I created them from idea to reality. Each post is a step by step system that show how I created each one of my entrepreneur projects.

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