How To Make Your Own Websites

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How To Make Your Own Websites



By the end of this lesson you will have your very own website which will make it possible for you to start a business online and eventually have the freedom we all want!


If you have ever googled the term how to make your own websites  and felt lost with the results, you came to the right place.


Not too long ago I was looking for information on how to create apps for the iPhone. I spent hours upon hours searching the internet but there was no easy step by step guide I could follow. Instead of just giving up, I took the hard road and figured out myself.


I then created for people like myself who had an app idea but didn’t know exactly how to make it a reality. The site not only helps people create an app but it has Ads set up and my affiliate partners such as 99 designs.


I’m helping people while at the same time making money. Isn’t that what we want? To have  purpose and at the same time be able to be financially stable?


Why do you want your own website? Maybe you just want the freedom to be able to travel the world or  take as many vacations as you want? 


Maybe it’s just as simple as not having to wake up at 630am in order to go to a place you hate spending time in? Maybe you have a burning desire to do something that you are actually passionate about instead of just the redundant 9-5 that feels like a dead end.  



if you dont build your dream someone will hire you to help them build theirs-0503


There are two possible scenarios you can fall under 

1 You work your entire life 50+ years in order to finally get to the tender age of 62 and retire.

2You create a business in which you can work hard for yourself and live a constant life of mini vacations whenever you want.


Which scenario do you fall under?

Scenario #2 is what we are taught in school so we don’t know any better.

Here 3 people killing it  with their online business


1 – Pat Flynn – The Smart Passive 

Pat has created a online business which helps others do the same, check out his monthly income reports so you

can see the possibilities of how successful a person can be online.


2 – John Lee Dumas – 

John interviews entrepreneurs in his weekly podcast and has a community of entrepreneurs that he helps with

their online business.


3 – Bryan Harris – 

Bryan helps entrepreneurs and online business owners build their email lists with amazing step by step

instructions, one of the best blogs to help you take action.


But Darwin, how to make your own websites I don’t know how to make scenario number 2 work for me! We are all born naked, helpless and ignorant. Just because you don’t know something does not mean you can’t learn how to make your own website


Download The 10 Ways To Make Money Online Guide.

This guide will explain several ways you can make money with a website, all of them legal of course!




Stop waiting for retirement to start living, let’s create a website and get you started with your online business Right Now.

Don’t worry, we will keep it simple

“Help me start my website!”  


(For a free domain name, $14.99 value woo hoo!)



A new window will appear, follow the instructions and you will learn how to make your own websites. Ok, so you are ready to start your own website!

Since it can be overwhelming to create a website, we will keep it very basic at first. The first step will be to come up with your domain name. A domain name is simply your internet address, that’s how people will find you online. To keep it simple, try any variation of your name, we can create a small blog and add google ads just to test the water and get you comfortable with the site.

Don’t worry, you can just get another domain name and start a new site just as easy.




Step 01


Select the business hosting package that in motion offers. It is the basic hosting package and it comes with a free domain name!

  • FREE Domain Name included – $14.99 value!


How to make your own website

 Step 02


Select the POWER package, it comes with up to 6 websites and the ability to create a e-commerce website so you are able to sell and take payments straight from your site.

For $8 a month, it is a steal considering that you can make a living from your websites.


How to make your own website step 02

Step 03


This next step you have two choices, you can purchase the 24 months plan of the 12 months plan.

Lets keep it simple and select the 12 months, its not much of a difference in savings if you sign up for 2 years.

Almost finish! lets keep going, click continue.

How to make your own website step 03

Step 04

Here is where you will create the name of your website or blog. Coming up with a name for your site is probably the most difficult part of the process and here is why…


  • Many ideas are already taken. 
  • You want it to be just perfect.
  • There are unlimited numbers of possibilities.
  • You re scare your website won’t be catchy or memorable.


All of these are valid concerns, however if you let this stop you you won’t take action and that is what is important.Soon you will know how to make your own websites and it will be easy to ignore those roadblocks.  

Any body can come up with a “cool” idea but not everyone is able to execute and make it happen.

The main goal of getting set up with your website is to show you how easy it is and what the possibilities are.

you can buy something as simple as your

look at my site, that’s exactly what I did. Once you come up with an idea you want to try remember that you have the option of building up to six websites.

lets keep it simple this time.

buy “your”  and click continue.

(Ps If someone already has  that domain, try a variation of your name such as last night first or only your first name, first name and middle initial etc.)


How to make your own websites step 04

 Step 05

Once you select a domain name that is available for purchase you will move up to this next screen.

I can feel your excitement! Just a few more steps, we are halfway there.


How to make your own websites step 05

  Step 06

The next is simple, click the location that is closest to you for maximum server speed. it automatically selects the closer so you leave it as is.

How to make your own websites step 06

 Step 07

The next section below is where you put in your personal information

How to make your own websites step 07

 Step 08


What is domain privacy? It keeps all your information private so if someone wants to know who owns your domain name your information is not available. its only 9.99 for the entire year, get it and keep your personal info safe.

How to make your own websites step 08

 Step 09


Right below the domain privacy section choose the install WordPress section, WordPress is what we are going to use to manage your website. It is basically your home, is where you add blog post, videos, photos and it is what people see when they visit your domain name. (website address)

How to make your own websites step 09

 Step 09


Finish putting your payment information, if the total seems like a lot or money remember that this is for the WHOLE YEAR!  you won’t have to pay anything else for another 12 months for your website. 12 months is plenty of time to make money of your website, lets do this!


How to make your own websites step 10


YOU DID IT!!! you learned the first step to how to make your own websites

Congratulations in taking your first step to freedom!

You will receive an email from Inmotion Hosting which will have the links to your website.

CLICK HERE to download a 3 step video tutorial on setting up your website with wordpress. 

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    Great information! Amazing page that has surely helped people. Someone like you gives me the inspiration to keep moving forward with my newly found business. Thank you so much for sharing!

    • darwinleonardo

      Hi Eric! thanks so much for the kind words! we live in a completely different society because of the internet! we have to take advance and actually help people move forward 😉

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