It Pays To Be Early.

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A couple of years ago I went on a journey towards a happiness path. I made a list of things that I actually enjoyed and could spend an entire week or month doing without feeling bored.

 Science of course made the list.


I searched the Internet to find local events in my area related to science and even though I was only 20 minutes away from Manhattan I found it a bit hard to find one. Since there was not a website that dedicated themselves to just sciences related events, I had to look at multiple sites that hosted a wide range of non-science events.

Side note: Business Idea, create a website that focuses on local science events (steal it)

I Eventually Found One!


Neil Degrasse Tyson: StarTalk Live at B.A.M

One of my favorite scientist, Neil Degrasse Tyson was hosting a live show in Brooklyn. I found the show on the events section of his own website. Tyson is the host of  a popular podcast called start talk radio, one of my favorite science related podcasts. Tyson was also the host of the updated T.V.series

Cosmos which aired on fox and Nat Geo and was originally hosted by Carl Sagan in the 80s. Almost every time I ended up in Brooklyn it took me a while to find a parking space so this time I decided to take the subway instead.

I arrived almost an hour early to the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the theater that the event was being held in.I went to the upstairs lounge to wait for the show to start and my jaw almost dropped to the floor.As The automatic escalators took me to the upstairs lounge/bar area I noticed cameras, lights and a microphone set up in the middle of the bar.

Neil Degrasse Tyson himself was sitting with the bartender as they recorded parts of episode before the show started. 

I managed  to record this video

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When when they finished recording I walked up to Neil and asked him if we could take a photo together, aka selfie.  He answered “sure, but let’s make it quick because I’m a little behind schedule.” As as I snapped my selfie he directed the photo shoot by explaining  which angle was better for lighting.  I’m a photographer but when one of the sharpest minds speaks, you should just listen lol.

I look like a 12 year old girl who got their first crush
I look like a 12 year old girl who got their first crush

After that awesome encounter I went to almost every other event he held in NYC and learned something new every time. Being early is not just a good way to make a first impression, it is actually an advantage. If I had shown up at the time that everyone else had shown up I would not have had the opportunity to get a selfie with one of my idols. How does this translate to business you ask? Being early to market has the same benefits, your product doesn’t have too much completion for attention and therefore you can sell to more people.

If you were early to you tube – You could have started a channel

before it was too saturated and build a large audience from it

like Gary Vaynershuck did with his wine library business. 

If you were early to twitter – you could have focused on building

your following and create an influencers business such as  Branden Hampton

Be early, it will give you a great advantage because the market will always catch up to you and you won’t have time to take a selfie with your favorite scientist.

Photo of Manhattan from Brooklyn
Photo of Manhattan from Brooklyn
 How has being early benefited your life?
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